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Egg company launches fitness tracker for chickens



An Aussie farm has started tracking its chickens' steps to make sure people know how "free and healthy" their chooks really are.

The chickens at Honest Eggs Co near Castlemaine in Victoria are fitted with a 'FitChix' tracker to count their steps, which works similarly to the fitness watches popular with people.

Data shows the farm's chooks walk an average of over 21,000 steps in 12 hours – which is almost three times more than the average Australian. 

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Honest Eggs use regenerative egg farming, which means their hens are moved every week to fresh pasture.

Co-founder Paul Righetti said the data gives consumers clarity about how active the chickens are, as well as helping farmers understand how they behave.

"We want to change egg farming for the better. In the past there has been some confusion about the industry," Righetti said.

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"We want Australians to know that with regenerative farm eggs, you are purchasing both award-winning eggs while also supporting the natural regeneration of farming land."

'FitChix' branded egg cartons will be available to purchase in all supermarkets across New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and the ACT from March 13.

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