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Drunken passenger booted off flight from Queensland to Sydney



A disruptive and potty-mouthed passenger has been kicked off a flight from Queensland to Sydney after allegedly drunkenly abusing the crew.

A video posted to TikTok shows the seemingly intoxicated passenger on a Virgin Australia flight from Townsville to Sydney being unruly and allegedly aggressive to flight attendants.

The passenger allegedly arrived at his business class seat intoxicated before reportedly being refused alcohol after boarding, which is when the incident turned sour.

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The video shows the passenger pulled into the galley, negotiating with flight attendants with more than a few swear words before the pilot comes out and pushes him off the flight.

"I didn't do nothing, you f—ing dog c—," the passenger says in the video.

"Don't f—ing touch me, you stupid c—."

As the passenger is booted off the flight, the pilot can be heard asking him to stop swearing.

A spokesperson for Virgin Australia told 9News the safety of its guest and crew is its number one priority.

Virgin Australia has also reportedly imposed travel restrictions on the passenger.

Queensland Police are now investigating the incident.

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