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Drug-fuelled sex party lands man before court



Jacob Wilson-Church appeared at the Geelong Magistrates Court on Thursday and pleaded guilty to dangerous driving offences, theft of a motor vehicle and drug charges. In October 2021, police were called to a St Kilda hotel where Wilson-Church and two others were having a “sex party with methamphetamine” and were spotted on the balcony naked. While there, police executed a search and found a liquid substance they believed to be GHB and a machete tucked behind a bed. Just one month earlier, Wilson-Church was found standing next to a car outside a Melbourne kebab shop during the Covid lockdown in breach of the 9pm-5am curfew. The court heard police executed a search of the vehicle because of Wilson-Church’s prior drug history and evasive behaviour. Police found weapons and drugs stashed in the doors of the car. At the time, Wilson-Church’s accomplice made full admissions to owning the drugs and the handmade firearm found in the vehicle. In December last year, Wilson-Church was observed by police on a motorised scooter with no rear number plates. When police signalled him to pull over, Wilson-Church moved to the side of the road, ditched the scooter and made a run for it.As he did, police saw Wilson-Church drop a bag containing white crystal substance that they believed was methamphetamine. Wilson-Church ran from police across a number of properties. Residents spotted the 21-year-old man in their backyards and watched as he attempted to enter their homes through rear doors.NED-6371-Near-Death-Experience-BannerOn another occasion, Wilson-Church waited as a man exited his car at the Bell Post Shopping Centre and then stole it, unaware that there was a camera set up on the dashboard. The footage captured Wilson-Church in the stolen vehicle using a mobile phone while driving and not wearing a seatbelt. In the final charge read out to court, Wilson-Church was also accused of driving a vehicle at fast rates of speed. He lost control of the car, skidded into oncoming traffic and became stuck in a gutter. Wilson-Church’s defence lawyer told the court that the charges are “indicative of a young man who fell into a lifestyle of drugs”. “Having said that, for a young man … I am impressed with his insight, and he is able to understand what his triggers are and how to avoid them in the future,” she said. Magistrate Rodney Crisp fined Wilson-Church $2000 and ordered that he spend nine months behind bars, with 98 days already served.

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