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Driver critical after Queensland Raceway rollover



Police are investigating a serious single-vehicle traffic crash at an event at Queensland Raceway in Willowbank, just outside Ipswich, on Friday evening

A car rolled over on the racetrack several times around 5.30pm as smoke poured out of it.

The driver was taken to hospital in critical condition, while the passenger sustained serious injuries and was also transported to hospital for treatment.

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Willowbank is currently hosting the Powercruise #93 event between September 7 and 10, and the accident occurred as part of that event.

In its "About Us" page, event organisers Powercruise Promotions says it "offers its customers the opportunity to push their cars' performance levels to the limits in a number of driving events that are conducted in a controlled and safe alcohol-free environment".

Powercruise Promotions posted a statement on their social media platforms on Friday evening, stating that the four-day event will continue across the weekend.

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"Powercruise acknowledges that a single vehicle incident occurred at Queensland Raceway during one of today's cruising sessions," it said.

"We'd like to commend the track medical and fire response for being on scene immediately; as well as QAS for their assistance by road and helicopter."

The Forensic Crash Unit is assisting Workplace Health and Safety with investigations.

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