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Driver charged for dozens of trips on toll road he didn't take



A Brisbane motorist is warning other drivers to double-check their monthly statements after a computer error led to him being charged for dozens of trips he never made.

Dean Weily only realised the extra charges appearing on his Linkt account when his automatic account top-ups became more frequent than usual.

"I started to see charges on there that were automatically being topped up and I started to think maybe I wasn't actually using those trips," he told 9News.

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"I noticed there was a number that didn't have a tag, it just had a 'video confirmation'.

"I do have a tag so that shouldn't have happened.

"I rang and after being on the phone for about an hour I eventually got onto a person who said, 'Oh, this is not your car'."

Many of the trips were recorded as occurring on the Gateway Motorway.

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Brisbane driver incorrectly tolled by Linkt.

Transurban credited his account after he complained and Weily thought that was the end of his troubles – until the charges began appearing again.

"It's been extremely frustrating because I have to ring up constantly," he said.

"It's not my car.

"And their standard procedure is, 'Look our software's pretty good, it's perfect, we don't make mistakes'.

"They've got a script and they say, 'Our recognition software recognises the number plate and it charges accordingly, there is no error'."

Transurban's toll road cameras were reading the number plate of another driver's vehicle and incorrectly identifying it as Weily's car over the span of about 12 weeks.

He contacted 9News worried this could be happening to other unsuspecting drivers.

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The incorrect tolls occurred on the Gateway Motorway.

A Transurban spokeswoman says Weily has now been fully refunded.

"Transurban has reviewed the specific circumstances of Mr Weily's case and have contacted him directly to resolve the issue," she said.

"We have apologised to Mr Weily for the inconvenience caused.

"We have updated our records to ensure the customer does not receive any similar charges in the future."

Linkt is Transurban's e-Tag toll system operating throughout Australia.

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