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Dramatic moment truck ploughs through intersection caught on camera



Dramatic vision has emerged of the heart-stopping moment a truck ploughed through a busy intersection in Adelaide earlier this week.

Just after 10am on Tuesday, on a busy Hamstead Road, vision captured the B-double truck gradually drifting into a nearby bike lane.

Seconds after, it mounts the footpath, charges into a road sign and light pole before barrelling through an intersection.

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It then completely wipes out a bus shelter, fences and trees before narrowly missing a home.

Bystander Paul Brackley caught the whole thing on his dashcam and details exclusively to 9News the moment he was almost flattened by the truck.

"He completely lost control, and he was coming into me so I put my foot on the accelerator to get away," Brackley said.

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"And then he started crashing into things, and then I immediately pulled up, and then I ran back and helped the guy out of the truck."

The truck's driver, a 31-year-old man from New South Wales, was slumped over in the front seat when Brackley went to offer aid.

"He had blood on his face but he looked ok, apart from that," Brackley said.

The truck driver explained to Brackley he'd just fainted behind the wheel before authorities arrived and transported him to hospital.

"The truck was making a hell of a noise when I got there and I was thinking, could it blow up? Or what could happen?" Brackley said.

Now, four days later and residents are still faced with a massive clean-up.

"Miraculous no one was killed, miraculous," Brackley said.

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