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'Don't park here again you nerd': Car plastered with notes in Perth



A car parked at one of Perth's iconic beaches has been left plastered with notes during the Sculptures by the Sea festival.

Photos posted to Facebook show local residents' ire at the yellow Suzuki Swift for parking on their Cottesloe street during the festival.

Residents blasted the driver for parking in the "resident's only" strip.

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"Do you live here? No thought so. Don't park here again you nerd," one note read.

"Don't park here again because my uncle is a state kickboxer champion and will give you a wedgie," another note read.

"Can you read? Resident's only. Move your vehicle," another note read.

Car in Cottesloe, Perth, left plastered with notes.Car in Cottesloe, Perth, left plastered with notes.

The notes also took aim at the driver's parking which photos show was some distance from the curb.

"You've parked pretty badly," one note read.

It comes as Cottesloe hosts the Sculptures by the Sea festival from March 3 to 20. has contacted Cottesloe Council for comment on the incident.

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