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‘Don’t panic’: Calls to only ‘get the test you need’ amid rapid antigen test shortage



Demand for rapid antigen tests across the country has been outstripping supply, leading to sellouts at supermarkets and pharmacies as infection numbers soar and governments move to endorse the tests.

The Prime Minister said the states were responsible for securing their own rapid tests but the federal government was spending an extra $375 million to secure a further 50 million for the national medical stockpile.

Sky News Australia discussed the issue with Roche Diagnostics Australia Managing Director Alison Rossiter.

Ms Rossiter said the best way to get through the pandemic is if every Australian has equal access to the test that they need.

“If we approach this in a very sensible way and we work together and we don’t go and hoard a test and just take a test when we need a test … I think we’ll get through the pandemic in a much simpler and smoother way,” she told Sky News Australia.

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