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Dog startled by teeth whitener before biting woman's nose off



A US woman who lost her nose when her dog attacked her believes her teeth whitening treatment led to the attack.

Olivia Quast, 30, lost her nose and suffered deep cuts to her arm when rescue dog Bentley lunged at her last month.

The pitbull, pointer and bulldog mix may have been spooked by the UV light from her teeth-whitening mouthguard, she said.

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She has already had an operation on her arm but she will need to let the wound from her nose heal before reconstructive surgery.

"I have a bridge, which is really cool. And the sides of my nostrils are here and part of my septum," she said in a video message.

"Everything here is gone, and I will need to have it replaced using parts of my forehead and my ears and my ribs."

Because she suffers from Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Quast already lives with a high level of chronic pain.

A fundraiser for Quast has already raised more than $60,000.

The dog was put down after the attack.

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