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Dog mauls man and woman while toddler hides in bathroom



Two people are in hospital after they were mauled so badly in a dog attack they needed surgery.

A six-year-old boy hid in the bathroom while his mother and uncle were set upon by the animal at the Brompton home in Adelaide's inner-north.

Colicchie, a shar pei cross pitbull, has been with the family for eight years but on Tuesday night he turned on the owner's 39-year-old sister and 42-year-old brother.

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A relative, who does not want to be identified, said the child was screaming.

"He was that frightened he just wanted big cuddles from his mum because his mum cuddles him every night," she said.

A two-month-old baby was also home at the time.

Blood is smeared across walls throughout the house and there are bite marks on doors.

The relative is still in shock from the attack.

"She was on the ground here and his teeth were into her arm," she said.

"She got dragged around by the dog, it was horrible. 

"Her eyes were rolling in the back of her head and I was just screaming.

"We had to put hot water over the dog so that he could stop attacking my daughter."

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The owner has confirmed the dog will be put down tomorrow.

Eventually the woman was able to escape and locked the dog in a bedroom. 

"My daughter had to hold onto the door so that he couldn't come out but he had his teeth ripping at the door trying to open it," the relative said.

"He's that strong, he's lucky he didn't get the door open."

Neighbours said they heard "a lot of yelling and screaming" and at least four police cars turned up at the home.

Council officers seized the unregistered animal.

"The police came in and they were frightened as well," the relative said.

"I want him put down. I don't want dogs in my life ever again."

The victims remain at the Royal Adelaide Hospital while the owner has confirmed the dog will be put down tomorrow.

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