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Derryn Hinch dissolves political party after Victorian election loss



Politician and media personality Derryn Hinch has dissolved his political party after failing to win any seats in the 2022 Victorian election.

The 79-year-old said today the decision to end the Justice Party was one of the "saddest moments" of his life.

"We aspired to much and achieved a lot," he wrote on Facebook.

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"One seat in the federal Senate and then three seats in the Victorian Upper House.

"All have now gone. To be blunt, there is no point in the party continuing to exist.

"Our (and your) commitment has cost a lot in time and money since I launched the DHJP in September, 2015."

Hinch said he will continue to "publicly and privately" keep fighting over "perceived wrongs and real injustices".

"You never give up," he said.

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Hinch worked as a journalist for decades before establishing Derryn Hinch's Justice Party in 2015.

He was subsequently elected as a Victorian senator from 2016 until 2019.

The party's main focus was tougher sentences for violent and sexual offenders, a public register of sex offenders and no bail for those accused of a serious violent offence.

The party also supported equal rights for all citizens, tougher laws against animal cruelty and agreed with voluntary euthanasia.

In 2019, he lost his seat in the election and three years later ran in the 2022 Victorian state election and lost again.

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