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Dashcam footage shows ute turning into path of barrelling road train



Shocking dashcam footage has captured the moment a ute suddenly turned into the path of a road train in Adelaide, narrowly avoiding a serious disaster.

The vision, taken on South Australia's Stuart Highway, shows the road train barrelling down the highway at high speeds, while a black utility attempts to make a right turn.

Seemingly unaware of the incoming train, the ute is suddenly clipped from the side, sending both vehicles spinning off in opposite directions.

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The train then veers off the road and into nearby bush, where it attempted to gradually reduce speed.

Miraculously, both the driver of the road train and of the ute walked away unharmed.

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Dramatic images of show the extent of the damages to the ute, with the entire bonnet and front half of the vehicle completely destroyed. 

It's believed the train escaped reasonably unscathed. 

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