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Current COVID-19 wave likely to be less intense than previous waves, expert says



An infectious diseases expert believes Victoria's current COVID-19 wave is likely to be much less impactful than previous ones.

Recorded cases of the virus in Victoria have gone up by more than 600 cases this week – from 3319 cases to 3960 – but its expected there are many more that have not been unreported.

Professor Peter Collignon has told 3AW that while cases are increasing, this wave of the virus is likely to be less problematic.

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"The difference now, is we have always had a highly vaccinated population," he told Neil Mitchell.

"But now 90 per cent of Australians have been infected, we've got what we call hybrid immunity.

"And that gives you enhanced protection particularly against death and serious disease.

"And I think that's reflected in the ICU numbers."

Prof Collignon warned "it is very likely" we will again head into more cases and more deaths in winter.

"The big outbreaks are in winter."

New South Wales has recorded an even bigger spike of recorded cases of the virus this week, with 8905 cases recorded today after 7871 cases were reported last week.

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