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Council lockdown project becomes permanent



A community-driven initiative to keep residents engaged and connected during lockdown has become a permanent fixture.

Liverpool City Council will establish a permanent, environmentally sustainable ‘Fairy Glen’ along Harris Creek Reserve.

Mayor Wendy Waller

This was in response to a community petition of over 700 signatures calling for a permanent installation. 

The original Fairy Glen came about as a passion project during the height of the recent lockdown, which saw local parents decorating trees along the Harris Creek Reserve with fairy doors and decorations.

Mayor of Liverpool Wendy Waller said it provided the community a form of escape during the challenging months of lockdown. 

“For many months, our residents were unable to access sports, recreational and leisure facilities among many other things that support mental health and wellbeing,” she said in a statement.

“This resulted in a boom of community-driven initiatives and activities in our parks, open spaces, and natural reserves across Liverpool. The Fairy Glen at Holsworthy is an enchanting example of this.”

Community concerns

However, not everyone in the community has been on board with the Fairy Glen.

“While it is wonderful to see what a creative and caring community we have here in Liverpool, we must ensure the environmental impact on the flora and fauna is as minimal as possible,” Ms Waller said.   

“Some members of the community have voiced concerns about its environmental impact. Throughout this process, Council ensured all parties had an opportunity to have their say and be heard.”

Council staff have been engaging with the resident committee responsible for the Fairy Glen to develop guidelines on environmentally sustainable materials and installation methods

The initiative will remain largely community led and Ms Waller wants residents to feel empowered to work in partnership with Council on future initiatives of community interest. 

“This is a great opportunity to further strengthen connections between Council and community,” she said.

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