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Cop biter: ‘Go get some gronks’



Kristen Suzanne Lutas also spat at police officers and sat down in the middle of Smith St, Southport – a six-lane road – after a traffic stop about 3am Thursday.The 39-year-old pleaded guilty in the Southport Magistrates Court later in the morning to assaulting a police officer, public nuisance and driving without a licence.Magistrate Gary Finger sentenced her to four months’ prison with immediate parole, fined her $600 and disqualified her from driving for six months.He also ordered Lutas to pay the officer $400 in compensation.NED-2822-GCB-APP“The court takes a dim view of people who spit or bite police officers,” Magistrate Finger said.“Your number is up – if you come back before the court for biting or spitting you will spend time in custody.“You need to wake up to yourself.”Prosecutor Chris Freeman said police spotted Lutas when she screeched her tyres on Kumbari Ave, Southport about 3am.Police discovered she was not licensed when they pulled her over at a service station They also detained her partner who had arrest warrants out against him.NED-3269 Gold Coast Download Newsletter BannerMr Freeman said Lutas became “irate and angry”.“The defendant yelled verbal abuse at police, yelling ‘f***ing c***s, go get some gronks’,” he said.He said Lutas then ran at the police car before heading on to Smith St.Police restrained her and arrested her for public nuisance.Mr Freeman said that was when she bit an officer on the hand and spat in their direction.The spittle did not land on the officer.The court was told Lutas had previously been convicted in the district court for spitting at an officer.Defence lawyer Sam Jackson, of Bamberry Lawyers, said Lutas had “complex mental health issues” which were not being treated.The court was told she was also on probation at the follow Lea Emery

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