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City of Melbourne CEO set to receive a hefty pay rise



The City of Melbourne chief executive is now getting paid more than the Victorian premier.

Justin Hanney will receive a pay rise of up to $20,000, taking his annual wage past $500,000.

The pay increase came into effect in December last year.

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Melbourne's Lord Mayor Sally Capp has defended the pay grade of the chief executive, saying it was justified.

"Justin's remuneration is bench marked against similar positions and we feel more than confident that we are getting more of value with Justin as a chief executive," she said.

The Victorian premier Daniel Andrews pockets $452,475, while Capp receives $250,000.

Hearing the news today, multiple ratepayers in Melbourne were stunned.

"It's unfair really, they are living the high-life while many of us are struggling," one person said.

Hanney has been in the job since 2019.

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