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Chemists push to make lifesaving medicine more affordable



Some chemists are pushing to make lifesaving medication cheaper amid the cost of living crisis.

Pharmacists are arguing that changing legislation around drug costs could help save lives by making them more affordable for vulnerable people.

The legislation change would allow chemists to set their own prices for prescription drugs, rather than having to stick to the national $1 discount maximum.

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"It's harmful to their health, it will make their health worse," Professor Steven Robson from the Australian Medical Association said.

"That's bizarre, it needs to change.

"Pharmacists who want to do the right thing should be able to discount as much as they want on PBS prescriptions"

Experts say bringing the price down by just $2 could make a big impact on people with chronic illnesses, who are typically on multiple prescriptions daily.

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Some chemists are pushing to make lifesaving medication cheaper amidst the cost of living crisis.

"With a change of legislation, it could be open to further discounting," chemist Anthony Allan told Nine News.

"That's a dramatic difference, especially with cost of living pressures increasing dramatically it makes sense."

A change in legislation wouldn't mean the government has to pay for the difference in price, the pharmacy would wear the cost. 

There is opposition by some chemists as not all pharmacists can afford to lower the cost of their medication, which would limit patients' access to certain prescriptions.

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