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Traffic incidents since midnight: 0
Roadworks to avoid: 1
New roadworks this week: 0
Roadworks projects to be completed in the next 30 days:
Traffic incidents by suburb (most recently updated items are listed first):
There were no incidents reported this morning.
Roadworks by suburb (most recently updated items are listed first):
Scheduled roadwork (Nowra Bridge project)
Affected street: Princes Highway near Mattes Way
Alert created at 6.49pm, July 29. Last updated at 3.37am, December 20.
Ends: 12.30am, July 1
Advice: Check signage. Reduce your speed; Allow extra travel time. Lane closures and a reduced speed limit may be in place during work hours. Drivers of oversize /or overmass (OSOM) vehicles need to contact the project team on 1800 331 713 a minimum of 10 days prior to travelling through the Nowra Bridge project. This includes during standard work hours and night work, where reduced lanes may be in place.

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