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CCTV reveals shooter sat in wait for Sabbagh before 'execution'



CCTV from moments before a father was shot in an "execution-style" murder in front of his son shows the killers were waiting for him to arrive at the gym in Sydney's south-west.

Taha Sabbagh was drinking coffee in the driver's seat of his Mercedes when he was shot in an targeted attack outside Elite Fight Force martial arts gym on Carlingford Street in Sefton at 6.30am.

Footage from an hour before the murder shows a Mazda 3 parking near the gym and waiting for Sabbagh, and his 12-year-old son, to open the gym.

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The man shot and killed outside a martial arts gym in Sefton, in Sydney's west, has been identified as Taha Sabbagh.

A gunman then jumps out of the car's passenger side and fires multiple shots, killing Sabbagh in front of his son, who ran for help shortly after the men drove away.

Police believe the Mazda 3 found burnt out nearby in Birrong a short time later is linked to the shooting.

Police are continuing to search the gym and Sabbagh's home for clues.

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Officers are investigating if the shooting may have been a case of mistaken identity, even though he mixed in underworld circles.

Yesterday superintendent Danny Doherty said the incident was "very traumatising" for Sabbagh's son and his family, who quickly rushed to the scene.

"It is horrendous a 12-year-old had to witness his father being shot dead in this manner," Doherty said.

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Sefton shooting outside Elite Fight Force gym, victim Taha Sabbagh

"We believe whilst he (Sabbagh) was relatively not well known to police, he was associated with people who are well known to police.

"We believe this is a targeted attack, it's not random – the execution style, it bears the hallmarks of an organised crime murder.

"It was callous and brazen and (the shooter) had little regard for human life."

It has been six months since the last gangland murder when two women were killed in a drive-by shooting at Revesby.

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