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Capital cities swelter through scorching weather on New Year's Eve



Some of Australia's capital cities have seen plenty of sun and warm weather today, as the country prepares to bid farewell to 2021.

The hottest temperatures are being felt in Melbourne and Adelaide, which are currently sitting at 37C.

Highs of 38C and 39C were reached in the two cities.

The Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) warned much of Victoria will experience a heatwave for the three days from today until January 2, and that vulnerable residents should make preparations.

Weatherzone's Yoska Hern√°ndez said a "severe heatwave" was also currently affecting Tasmania and southern Victoria.

"Heat will continue in these regions until Sunday the second. Then, heat should build in western WA (including Perth) and eastern QLD from Sunday the second and Monday the third, respectively," she said.

Here's what's the weather was like for each state and territory around the country:

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Sydney is ringing in the new year in style, with highs of 29C throughout the city and lows of 18C.

Busy Bondi beach on Christmas morningREFILE HIGH RES. The New Years Eve Fireworks in Sydney Harbour as seen from Mrs Macquaries Point in Sydney on January 1, 2021. Photo: Dominic Lorrimer


It's been a scorching clear and sunny day in Melbourne on Friday, with tops of 38C during the day and lows of 18C.

It will be a warm night with Weatherzone forecasting "temperatures near 20C by midnight".


Brisbane is one of two major Aussie cities experiencing rain on New Year's Eve.

It's warm though, with highs of 27C throughout the day and lows of 20C.

There's the possibility of a thunderstorm in the west during the afternoon and evening.

The city is experiencing 69 per cent humidity.


By midday, the Adelaide had already reached temperatures in the high 30s, expected to continue into nightfall.

Afternoon winds may provide some relief, with gusts expected at around 25km/h. Lows of 21C are also predicted.


It's been warm and windy in Darwin all day, with a high of 33C during the day. The low is predicted to be a sweaty 28C in the evening.

There will be a possible thunderstorm as showers hit the city this afternoon.

Winds of 15 to 25 km/h will tend westerly before becoming light in the evening.

A 21-year old woman who flew from Cairns to Darwin tested positive to COVID yesterday, originally telling authorities she hadn't been to a hotspot.


It's been a fine day in Hobart, with pleasant temperatures of 27C in the day. Conditions will drop 10 degrees overnight however, with lows of just 13C predicted.

Strong wind warnings have been issued for the north-east coast.

scenery of hobart harbor in tasmania, australia


It's a mostly sunny and windy day in Perth, with temperatures reaching 32C. South to south-westerly winds of up 40 km/h are forecast in the day, followed by south-easterly gusts of up 30 km/h in the evening.


Conditions in Canberra this New Year's are currently set to top 31C during the day, however, they will drop almost 20C to just 13C overnight. As it stands, there is currently a zero per cent chance of rain, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

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