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Candlelight vigil for siblings killed in Sydney crash



Friends, family and neighbours gathered overnight to pay their respects to a brother and sister killed in a crash in Sydney's south-west.

Alina Kauffman, 24, was picking up her 15-year-old brother Ernesto Salazar from work just after 9pm on Friday when a black Mercedes crashed into their car metres from their home in Heckenberg.

About 150 people paid tribute to their memories at the roadside crash site overnight, laying down cards, flowers and toys at a candlelight vigil.

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Paramedics treated 24-year-old Alina Kauffman and her 15-year-old brother Ernesto Salazar but they both died at the scene of a crash in Heckenberg in Sydney's south-west on September 1.

Johnson Kokozian, 20, has been charged over the crash but denied he was driving the car.

His father reported the Mercedes stolen after police attended his address about an hour after the crash.

Another 18-year-old handed himself in to police yesterday and was released without charge, but police are still searching for two passengers of the Mercedes.

Kokozian was refused bail yesterday.

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