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Businessman hits back at criticism of McLaren in penthouse apartment



A Melbourne businessman has hit back at criticism of him buying a $3 million sports car to put in his penthouse apartment.

Adrian Portelli needed a crane to hoist his McLaren Senna GTR to the 57th floor of a Melbourne apartment block on Wednesday.

The ostentatious display of wealth drew the ire of Greens leader Adam Bandt, and drew media attention both in Australia and around the world.

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But Portelli has fired a broadside at his critics.

Taking a screenshot of an article published on a news website, Portelli fired back on Instagram.

"First my name was trashed publicly suggesting I was a dummy bidder who couldn't afford The Block house.

"Even suggesting I was friends with the contestants because of my ethnicity.

"Now these people are crying because I've got 'too much money'.

"Make up your mind, people."

He also posted a photo of Bandt with the caption "Don't vote".

He also posted a photoshopped image of himself in a salt shaker, tipping salt over what was labelled "70 per cent of the general public right now".

Adrian Portelli has insinuated the public are "salty" over his ostentatious display of wealth.

Portelli first came to public attention when he made a successful $4.5 million bid on a home on The Block last year.

The 34-year-old made his fortune from running LMCT+, which is a promotions and giveaway platform with a focus on luxury vehicles and prestige houses.

Portelli told 9News the penthouse was a "spontaneous" purchase.

He said the entire side of the building had to be deconstructed to make way for the McLaren.

"It was a mission," he said.

"They had to take out all of the windows, so it might have found its forever home.

"The car is going to sit in the lounge room, it will be the centrepiece."

The penthouse won't be finished for another 12 to 18 months.

Portelli plans to make the apartment his weekender.

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