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Bizarre ‘stay indoors’ warning over toxic ‘strange clouds’



A bizarre message to residents warning of “strange clouds and jet emissions” causing “unknown toxic residues” in tank water has been found to be a fake. A photo of the notice has been circulating on Twitter, purporting to be sent from Gold Coast City Council. A council spokeswoman said the message was not an official notice from the city and used old council branding. The letter stated: “Recently we have been contacted by many of you regarding the strange clouds and jet emissions over the Gold Coast region that were seen to come from high flying aircraft. “In 2009, the Australian government allowed weather modification and aerial spraying by United Nations aircraft over our soil. “Planes are spraying the higher atmosphere with heavy metals, barium dust and nano-particles in order to help change our climate. “Therefore, we strongly advise residents not to drink tank water from this date forward. It has tested positive for unknown toxic residues.“Please keep indoors if you see these streaky clouds overhead, or see emissions from high flying jets for any period of time.”There are no current warnings about tank water contamination on the Gold Coast. The original source of the fake message is unknown. ‘Shame on you’: Residents fume over rude wake-up call – February 22 Management of a major Gold Coast shopping centre have been forced to apologise to residents who copped a rude wake-up call on Monday morning. Biggera Waters residents complained to Harbour Town management after the sound of industrial hammers disrupted their sleep at 5.45am. The Bulletin understands the source of the noise came from the GCB Constructions’ site, where crews have been working on the extension of a Harbour Town store. One resident complained of hearing “trucks loading cement slabs” and “industrial hammers” at 5.45am. Under local laws, noisy work is only permitted between 6.30am and 6.30pm Monday to Saturday. NED-2822-GCB-APPA Harbour Town spokeswoman apologised to residents for the early morning noise. “We value our local community, and we’ve been in touch with the project managers, reminding them that they can only start works from 6.30am,” she said. “We’re confident that this was a one-off occurrence, and have spoken to the complainant apologising for any inconvenience caused.” GCB Constructions declined to respond to a list of emailed questions.A Gold Coast City Council spokeswoman said it had not received any complaints about the matter.NED-3269 Gold Coast Download Newsletter follow Melanie Whiting

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