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'Bingo, the big fella hit him': Tackle takes down man in shopping centre



A father and son teamed up to take down an allegedly knife-wielding man in a New South Wales shopping centre with an NRL-quality tackle.

Blake and his father Darryl were grabbing a bite to eat at Dubbo Centro earlier this week when a man started shouting that he had a knife and threatened to stab somebody, Darryl told 2GB's Ben Fordham.

Darryl picked up a high chair and approached the man, trying to speak with him and calm him down.

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"And then, bingo, the big fella hit him," he said.

Blake told 2GB he was worried about the potential danger to his dad.

"A couple years of practice certainly paid off, that's for sure," he said.

The North Queensland Cowboys fan said while he used to play footy on the NSW South Coast, he hadn't pulled on a boot for a couple of years now.

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He credited his dad with teaching him his tackling skills.

"I was just amazed with the commitment he showed to bring that lad down," Darryl said.

Blake said he had stood up with his dad but then circled away to try to find a spot to run in.

"I thought of the quickest way possible to resolve the situation, so that's when I came in with the left shoulder," he said.

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"As soon as he had his back to me, that's when I just lined him up from from the side and came in and tackled him to the ground."

Blake said he had been worried for the man in case his head had been injured, but "thankfully, that didn't happen".

"I said to dad, that's actually my left shoulder. I hit better with my right," he said.

Fordham congratulated the pair and pledged to line up tickets to the NRL finals for them.

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