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Bali to ban tourists from renting motorbikes to minimise deaths



Bali tourists could be banned from renting and driving motorcycles in a bid to reduce dangerous behaviour, injuries and deaths in the Indonesian holiday hotspot.

The Bali governor has announced plans to ban visitors from renting motorised bikes and has requested the power to revoke visas for tourists breaking traffic laws.

Drivers caught on a motorbike without a helmet will be fined about $24.50, while those caught driving without a license will face a $98 fine.

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"This is a warning to all foreign nationals who visit Bali to be well behaved, disciplined, respect Balinese culture, obey the laws enforced in Indonesia," Bali Governor Wayan Koster said.

In 2020, Bali saw 405 deaths due to motor vehicle incidents, according to the Bali Sun.

Hundreds of deaths and serious injuries caused by reckless driving, drunk driving and driving without a helmet have plagued Bali since.

"I don't think it's a bad idea, there's been a lot of accidents with Australians and if you don't have insurance it can be very costly to get back to Australia," an Adelaide local told 9News.

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DIGICAM 00000000 SMH,NEWS,Grenade. Motorbikes drive past the Denpasar Court House where a plastic bag containing a grenade and AK47 bullets was dumped on the footpath of the sidewall in the early hours of this morning, today 21st November.2002.Denpasar, Bali. the bag was dumped inbetween the 2 bikes below the black mark on the wall with flower on right . Picture by KATE GERAGHTY/klg

While government officials back the ban, some locals are concerned about the legislation's impacts on local businesses.

"From 1977, I get money from renting bikes because there's no normal job in Bali," one local business owner told 9News.

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