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Awkward moment as Canadian PM forgets Anthony Albanese's name



Prime Minister Anthony Albanese appears to still be making a name for himself on the world stage.

During a meeting with Canadian leader Justin Trudeau on Thursday in Madrid, his North American counterpart appeared to forget the newly elected Australian leader's name.

"It's a real pleasure to be meeting with… a great progressive leader," Trudeau said.

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"We're really, really excited to have a friend in Australia.

"Australia has been a long-time friend".

However, Trudeau eventually recovered and referred to Albanese by his name.

"With Prime Minister Albanese we have someone who we're going to be able to dig into on climate change, on inclusive economic growth, on reconciliation, on a range of issues that we know our citizens want us to step up on," he said.

A similar incident happened in September last year, when US President Joe Biden appeared to forget former Prime Minister Scott Morrison's name.

Biden referred to Morrison as "that fellow Down Under, thank you very much pal".

Albanese is currently in Madrid during the current NATO leaders' summit.

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