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Australian scientist needing medical help rescued in Antarctica



An Australian scientist is heading home for specialist medical care after an urgent rescue mission to Antarctica.

The expeditioner at Casey research station has a developing medical condition and needs care in Australia, the Australian Antarctic Division said in a statement.

Icebreaker ship RSV Nuyina left Hobart last week and travelled more than 3000km, breaking through sea ice to reach a location 144km from Casey on Sunday.

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Two helicopters took off from the deck, reaching Casey in just under an hour.

They collected the expeditioner and returned to the ship.

The RSV Nuyina is expected to arrive in Hobart next week, depending on weather conditions in the Southern Ocean.

All other personnel at the AAD's four stations are safe, and the expeditioner's family has been kept updated on the situation.

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"Getting this expeditioner back to Tasmania for the specialist medical care required is our priority," AAD acting general manager of operations and logistics Robb Clifton said.

"The first phase of the evacuation was performed safely and successfully and the ship is now on the return voyage to Hobart.

"The expeditioner will be looked after in the Nuyina's specially equipped and designed medical facility by our polar medicine doctors and Royal Hobart Hospital medical staff."

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