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Aussies warned of ticketing scams ahead of State of Origin final game



Queensland Police are warning State of Origin fans hunting for tickets to the final game to be on the look out for online scams.

The final game in the three part series, which will take place in Brisbane July 13, is expected to be a prime target of scammers.

Detective inspector Michael Newman from Queensland Police's cyber security unit said tickets found on platforms like Facebook and Gumtree are often too good to be true.

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"They are preying on our vulnerabilities, in this case it's people desperate to get Origin tickets," he said.

"We've seen examples of people losing up to $10,000 trying to buy tickets."

Newman said there are clues which can indicate whether a seller and their tickets are real.

"If they can't physically show the tickets or provide bank account details in the person's same name- they're some red flags to be on the lookout for," he said.

Ticketek is the only website registered to sell genuine tickets.

Cameron Hoy from Ticketek said the event will likely be 'a sell-out game'.

"These operators capitalise on the demand for tickets, on the scarcity of tickets and that's where we can see people ripped off," Hoy said.

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Hoy said those who miss out on tickets can visit Ticketek's online marketplace, where fans who are unable to attend the game can sell their places.

The marketplace is a verified way to look out for available places and is protected from price gouging.

"We understand that it is confusing at times for consumers," Hoy said.

The maximum fine for ticket scalpers is $2,669.

Inspector Newman advised customers to be weary of red flags for all their online purchases.

"We want them to come here and have a good time, have a great experience," he said.

"But we want them to actually get into the game too."

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