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Aussie business switches to four-day work week



A family-owned Perth business is jumping aboard the four-day work week train, but it's not docking staff their fifth day of pay.

EES Shipping in Cockburn is offering the dream roster in a bid to boost staff productivity.

"We're working on the 100-80-100 rule, so we want 100 per cent output for 80 per cent of the time but 100 per cent pay," managing director Brian Hack said.

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Hack said the arrangement "seems to be working well" and staff seem happy.

Staff rotate through having a day off on either Tuesday, Thursday or Friday while public holidays count as a day off.

"Everyone is a lot more positive, there's been less sickness within the office and everyone is more motivated," employee Jordon Colombo said.

A four-day working week has been taken up by businesses around the world.

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But experts here believe it is unlikely to become commonplace although there is a push for more flexibility.

"People, where they can, have the opportunity more and more to work from home,"

"But businesses need to be cautious about what they sit down and commit to because it will be hard to these sorts of initiatives."

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For ESS Shipping, there is no turning back.

"We believe this is the way of the future," Hack said.

"Staff morale is up, productivity is up. I only believe this is the way forward and we're just jumping the gun."

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