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Ambos brace for record callouts on NYE



Warm weather, the easing of restrictions, and rampant Omicron in the community will create the perfect storm for paramedics, who have been breaking records weekly for people seeking help.On Wednesday, the organisation broke yet another record for triple-0 inquiries with 4259 calls.NSW Ambulance Commissioner Dominic Morgan said the warm weather was sure to bring out plenty of booze — a guaranteed precursor to ­ambulance callouts. “We are doing everything that we can, we are surging staffing in our patrol centres, we are surging staffing on our roads, we will have more supervisors and I’ll be out there myself,” he said.“If we have heightened alcohol, if we have heightened violence, this will lead to an increase in assaults. We often see a range of traumatic injuries over the New Year period.“Now we are talking about Covid concerns and a significantly increased workload. “If the community aren’t very careful over the next few days, we will have significant delays probably to immediately life-threatening conditions.” Mr Morgan pleaded with the community to only ring triple-0 on New Year‘s Eve for a true emergency.“I just really encourage people to be moderate and considered, and at all costs only call on triple-0 if it absolutely is a medical emergency,” he said. “Back in August, I went out in the media and said we had the equivalent to our biggest New Year’s Day on the record … Our workload has gone up more than 20 per cent since then. In the last month we’ve seen a 40 per cent increase in demand.”Daily Telegraph – News Feed latest episodeMr Morgan said he had received intelligence that New Year’s Eve celebrations would happen in groups of 20 to 40 people in residential settings instead of mass gatherings, but this still posed the risk of violence and Covid-related callouts. Intensive care paramedic Jacinta Barton said paramedics were working 13-hour shifts, day and night.“Our shifts are really starting to take quite a physical, mental and emotional toll on all our workforce,” she said.“I’m actually not even able to get to the intensive care jobs and I’m often being diverted away from them. Seriously unwell people are missing out on the care they could be receiving.”NSW Ambulance is set to launch a confronting ad campaign, urging the public to save triple-0 calls for critical situations.NED-5192-DT-App-Banner

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