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Almost three vehicle-to-tram collisions a day in Melbourne sparks concern



Distracted motorists are adding to an increase in tram collisions across Melbourne, with vehicle-to-tram collisions rising by 60 per cent last year.

That's an average of almost three per day.

There were 960 vehicle-to-tram collisions recorded in 2022, with 166 of them classified as serious.

The rise has prompted concern by the state government, who said there are up to 10 trams out of service for collision repairs at any one time.

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In January this year, there were 10 vehicle-to-tram collisions in one day.

"Melbourne's tram network is essential to keeping locals and tourists moving, so when serious vehicle-to-tram collisions occur, it can cause lengthy disruptions and result in the trams requiring major repair works for a long period of time," Minister for Public Transport Ben Carroll said.

Yarra Trams chief executive Julien Dehornoy previously told 9News that collisions involving trams mostly occur when a vehicle turns in front of a tram.

"It's very often we see a car turning right in front of a tram," he said.

"That's the most frequent incident. When a car is turning right and forcing the tram to stop, with passengers. There's very often a passenger that falls."

About 95 per cent of tram-to-vehicle collisions are caused by vehicles on the tracks, according to the state government.

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