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AFL great Wayne Carey won't face charges over white powder incident



AFL great Wayne Carey will not face charges over an incident which involved him dropping a bag of white power at Crown Perth last month.

WA Police confirmed today that their investigation had been finalised and no criminal charges had been laid.

The 51-year-old was reportedly banned from all Crown venues for two years after dropping the bag of powder he claimed was crushed up pain killers on September 1.

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Carey was escorted from the casino after the incident, but police were not called until days later.

The former AFL player has maintained the white powder was not illegal and said it was crushed up anti-inflammatory drugs.

"What I will say is that nothing illegal has occurred here… I am disappointed," Carey previously told 9News Melbourne.

Carey previously told The Age that he offered the substance to security, but they "didn't take it".

"They just said it's not a great look, I understood that, and we left without incident."

Crown Resorts chief executive Ciaran Carruthers has publicly disputed Carey's version of events.

Carruthers told 6PR that some of the statements made by Carey directly contradicted the statements made by Crown team members.

"My understanding is that they didn't know that it was Carey that was at the table. It was a customer that was buying in for chips at the time," he said.

"(Staff) noticed the packet fall out along with the notes and they advised their gaming manager.

Carruthers said the one "miss in the procedure" was that staff didn't call police.

"The one mistake was that the authorities should have been notified straight away," he said.

"That process has been changed, effective immediately. That change has already happened following a full review."

Last month, lawyers for Carey said they would assess whether he was unlawfully discriminated against.

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