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Adelaide killer accused of breaching parole



One of South Australia's most notorious killers is back behind bars after being accused of breaching her parole.

Nicole Therese McGuinness beheaded and butchered her victim, burying parts of her body in a strawberry patch in Adelaide's north.

McGuinness wants her freedom back, after being accused of breaching her parole within months of her release back into the community.

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The then-35-year-old was jailed for at least 18 years over the cold-blooded stabbing murder of 53-year-old truck driver Joanne Lillecrapp in 2001.

McGuinness and her co-accused dismembered the body and disposed of some of the remains in the strawberry patch at the victim's Angle Park home, as well as several other locations across Adelaide.

The victim had been through her own struggles, beginning to live as a woman a decade earlier.

Lillecrap had befriended the two killers, who were lovers working as prostitutes, because she wanted to try to help them to get off drugs.

Nine News understands drugs may be involved in the recent parole breach allegations against McGuinness.

Lillecrapp's brother has previously fought to stop McGuinness being released.

He's hoping he won't have to do the same again, but is waiting to hear if the court will seek his opinion.

McGuinness is set to appear in the Supreme Court on Monday.

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