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'Absolute lunacy': Shocking footage of car pulling in front of truck



Shocking footage of a car pulling in front of a truck at very close range on a busy Queensland freeway has been released to serve as a warning to other drivers.

The dashcam footage, which has been shared by Transport and Main Roads Queensland, shows a car merging into the freeway's right lane in front of a heavy truck.

The car comes so close to the truck that the back of the car is obscured from the truck driver's vision by the truck's bonnet, while there appears to be traffic ahead in the lane.

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Transport and Main Roads Queensland has described the driver of the car's actions as "absolute lunacy".

"Pulling in front of any vehicle with this much notice would be a bad idea—but a truck going at this speed?"

The roads authority has reminded drivers, "Heavy vehicles need a lot more room to slow down, turn and change lanes.

"Additionally, drivers travelling on a multi-lane road where the speed limit is 90 km/h or more, must not drive in the right-hand lane except in limited circumstances.

"Drivers who fail to follow the road rules not only jeopardise their own safety but that of other road users."

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