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2GB radio personality Ray Hadley opens up about recent cancer scare



Australian radio personality Ray Hadley has opened up about a recent cancer scare when he discovered a lesion on his leg.

Hadley said he came worried when he said a lesion on his leg that grew and bled, resulting in a visit to a clinician and a biopsy.

"I'd been waiting for a couple of weeks to find out what the next step was and I was a bit edgy about it," he said.

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This morning however, he received a text, saying "it's not melanoma".

Hadley shared his story this morning, while speaking on his 2GB morning show with Professor Georgina Long.

He said it was incredibly important for men to stay on top of their health.

"I sit here everyday preaching men to get their health checked," he said.

"It's important to get checked. Check your skin.

"I know there a lot of people out there with significant problems but it does play at the back of your mind.

"Sometimes we are not good at taking advice, but listen to your loved ones and get things checked."

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