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PAC to let transgender student remain at the school



Headmaster Bradley Fenner wrote to parents on Tuesday evening to share that the Year 12 student, who The Advertiser understands is referred to as Alice, will remain at the college.“This morning, a student who has been at Prince Alfred College since the Early Learning Centre has told her peers that she is transgender, identifies as a woman and henceforth will be known as Alice,” Mr Fenner said in the letter.“The response from the Year 12 cohort was, as we would have hoped and expected, both respectful and supportive.“Alice has been dealing with gender dysphoria for some time and has been well-supported in her journey by a range of professionals, both within and outside the College.“We are aware of some transgender PAC Old Scholars, but Alice is the first student to transition whilst at the College. It was Alice’s desire and preference to remain at Prince Alfred College and we support her fully in this.”A new uniform is being designed for Alice that better suits her gender.PAC has been a boys-only school since a small number of girls studied at the school in World War II. MORE TO COME. AA Tiser News Feed October 2021

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